Tips to Get an Anxiety Free Mind

a.       Get active: The first defense against anxiety is to take daily walk, a 30 minute brisk walk can releases endorphin that helps in anxiety reduction.

b.      Get proper Sleep: try to get a proper and adequate sleep, you may listen to relaxing music, avoid heavy meal, take warm bath before going to bed and remember to avoid any kind of negative discussion with your family, prior sleeping.

c.       Do something you enjoy: Engage yourself with enjoyable activities is a good way to soothe anxiety. You can explore yourself and identify the activity that help you to relax; like gardening, cooking, shopping, painting, listening or playing music.

d.      Take a break: If you feel that your professional and personal life is getting too monotonous and hectic then take a break, go for a vacation (if possible), even a short break that brings a change in scenery, fresh mountain air is capable of rejuvenating our mind

e.      Adopt Yoga: Yoga has been found to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. Learning & practicing yoga can help you to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

f.        Contact a counselor: Sometimes anxiety can be difficult to manage without professional its best to consult a counselor first.