Tips to Promote Healthy Eating in Kids

Most of the parents today are facing problems to inculcate good eating habits in their kids. The kids are just demanding more and more fast foods, soda drinks, artificial fruit juices and they are reducing their intake of homemade foods. To tackle such situations, Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some parenting tips to promote healthy eating habits among children.

1. First of all don’t let your child believe that healthy food means dull and non-exciting looking food. Learn to experiment with dishes if your child refuses to eat vegetables, try to prepare vegetable cutlets with interesting shapes. Similarly, you can try giving your child mango shakes, homemade fruit juices and you can stop bring soda drinks inside your house.

2. Try to avoid buying bulk economic packs: If you are in a mall or in a cinema hall and you HAVE to treat your child with a hamburger, try to buy the smallest pack possible and avoid economy bulk meals from fast food chains.

3. Try to avoid eating alone in front of your kids nor allow your children eat alone: make sure that your own eating habits are something, which your child can follow if they see you eating sitting in sofa while watching TV, they will most likely want to do the same.

Hence eating together on the dining table and engaging them in interesting conversation helps remove monotony. Not only does this improve their social interacting skills, but it also builds a sense of routine in them.