How to Love Your Job More

There are many amongst us, who are missing the delectation to come to their office, it’s true that a lot of job satisfaction is dependent on the office environment but, many areas an employee too can explore to make their daily office LIFE – exciting. Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some scientific ways to love their job more and to make every day an exciting place to work for:-

1. Schedule and prioritize your tasks

The first thing in the morning you should do in office - is to schedule your tasks for the day. This will help you to make the right decisions (which sometimes can turn stressful) like - how much time you can afford to a single task, how much work you should delegate, what are the pending tasks etc.

2. Spruce up your workspace

One great way to make yourself happier at the workplace is to enhance your workspace. This means redecorating your workstation, exchange your office chair (if it’s uncomfortable), clean your computer’s desktop. This will help you to feel comfortable and inspiring while concentrating on your work.

3. Practice self-reward

If you dislike a specific task which you have to complete at your job, practice simple ways to reward yourself for getting that task done. Research shows that rewards can help improve performance and increase motivation, so when you've got a difficult or boring task ahead, try incentivizing it with a small reward. For example, "when I finish this assignment, I'll go outside to have a tea and get some fresh air," or, "If I can get this assignment done by 2 p.m., I will have small chat with my friend, over the phone".

4. Make friends

A recent research has shown that employees who make good friends at work tend to be more focused, more passionate and feel happy with their jobs. So if you find yourself flying solo in the office all the time, try reaching out and forming a deeper connection with some of your co-workers. 

Shivani Misri Sadhoo is an eminent psychologist in South Delhi, you can contact her are at +91-8860875040 or at