Issues that can tear a marriage apart – Identify and fix them on time

Marriage is a journey of life, when it is travelled with sincerity, efficiency and with dedication,  it opens door for happiness and wonderful experiences and when not, it ruins our life.

Today marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares list of 3 important red flag issues, where every couple should work on to make their marital life happy and prosperous.

1.       Never take your spouse for granted

Many people believe that their partner will be always staying with them and they start taking them for granted. Marriage Counsellor Shivani shares that when a person takes their spouse for granted, the other person gradually distances themselves. This distancing can be in form of concealing emotions, hiding honest opinion or physically moving out of the marriage.

Not taking your spouse for granted means going beyond remembering your anniversary and your spouse's birthday. Not taking your spouse for granted means being tuned in to how your spouse feels and what your spouse thinks. Not taking your spouse for granted means you listen, you don't interrupt, and you tell and express your love for your spouse. 

2.       Willingly share your work at home

Remember if you want a peaceful, clean and organized home for yourself and for your family then don’t expect it’s only your wife’s job to do it. It is essential that both the partners should work together to efficiently maintain and execute household tasks such as keeping financial records, maintenance, shopping, cleaning, child care, transportation, etc.

3.       Simplify Your Lives

Prior to jumping to another EMI plan, loans, new job – evaluate what will be the consequences of these actions  would have it on your family life? If you are over worked, over extended, and over tired, over worried – REMEMBER your marriage and family life can be at risk. The idea of downsizing involves more than killing the desire of purchasing a bigger car or a flat. Downsizing is more about attitude than it is about space.