How to improve Your Child's Study Habits - Parenting Tips by Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Today in the age of easy availability and accessibility of computer or mobile games and endless cartoon channels by children, parents are more or less are struggling to improve their kid’s study habits. Today child psychologist Shivani Sadhoo Misri shares some simple tips for parents that can help kids to improve their study habits: -

a.     First plan a regular homework time and make sure your child always follows it. Remind your child when it’s time to do homework and help them get started. Remain firm regardless of any protests or excuses. By being consistent, you’ll facilitate consistent results.

b.    Help your child prepare a study calendar. Kids can pencil in their homework times, due dates and test dates on it. For large projects, help them break them down into steps and write these steps on the calendar.

c.   Cheer them on but never bribe them. Never forget to praise your child after he / she completes a challenging lesson or project. You may give them occasional rewards in form of small gifts but NEVER bribe your child, avoid tell them sentences like “if you finish your homework I will give you this or that”

d.   Encourage your child to have a healthy and thoughtful discussion with you: Like ask your child how they feel about any current events, relationships, values. Allow them to have opinions without passing judgement. Ask your children to help you understand why they feel the way they do.

e.    Shift your kid’s focus away from TV and Games: TV and games are addictive activities for kids, instead of burning your energy to make your child watch less TV or play less Video games, encourage them to have interests of their own. If they show curiosity about a hobby, area of study, sport, or instrument, encourage and support them. Help them generate interest and excitement for these hobbies that adds to the child's physical and mental growth.