Avoid these Phrases to Save Your Friendship

In today’s fast track lifestyle, we have become so occupied with our day to day life that many amongst us can hardly give enough time to our friends. Unfortunately, this leads to an end of friendship or weakening of the friendship bond.  No doubt most of us blame our friend for such incidences and possibly the friend to do the same.

Relationship Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo tells us that we should be very careful while responding to our friends through social media, chat, WhatsApp and choose our words carefully. Here is the list of some killer phrases that kill the friendship:

1. The first killer phrase “I am busy”

We use the word “busy” for everything, “this week is office target deadline, I am dead busy”, “I could not call your sorry I was so busy” etc. Remember today everyone is busy, your friend is not spending time uselessly so he / she has pinged you.

The vague nature of saying “I’m really busy” leaves the real reason why you’re being unavailable, open to self-assumptions. While some people possibly accept “being busy” as a reason for not hanging out the first few times you use it. Eventually, your friends will see it as a veil over a more sinister reason for not hanging out. Maybe you don’t like them anymore and or you are too afraid to say it.
In other words, “busy” allows others to fill in the blank of your true intentions. Often, they will fill in the blank with something negative. In a worst case scenario, friends may feel like “being busy” is a way of blowing them off without having to state a reason for doing so.

2.  The second killer phrase is “Not a Right time.”

It is possible that you might be in the middle of a meeting or you may be driving or really doing something very important but avoid the using the phrase “not a right time” because it lacks a sense of caring about the other person and fosters distance as a result. Instead, try to give a specific short answer and call your friend back as soon you get free.

3.  Every friend remembers their friend when they are in need.

Avoid any word or phrase that may indicate your friend that he / she call you only when they are in need. It's natural people remember their friends when they are in need; it is true for your friends as well as its true for you as well. So always openly chat with your friends, don’t lie to them and if you’re not in position to help, tell them honestly.