Overcome pain in a conscious process rather than with uncertainty

Life can never be 100% perfect and we do pass through emotional and mental setbacks, time to time in the form of failed relationships, loss of jobs, negative health events etc. These events are unavoidable, but sometimes we may get emotionally stuck to such an event to such an extent that we end up losing many things in the process. For example, post-breakup a person who keeps on holding the pain may develop a low level of concentration, low  on confidence, become irritable and may lose his/her job or friends who matter to them. So how to overcome pain from failures, rejections and losses in a conscious process and not by uncertainty?
Here are some tips you can use or suggest to your loved ones to overcome failure, loss or rejection and regain their normal living:

1. Make yourself remember your goals in life: you may have faced a break-up or job loss, but there are other priorities in life too like your parent’s happiness, you friend’s happiness, your career and they don’t deserve your ignorance or your ill behaviour.
2. Failure is not the end of the world: Remember failures and losses too help us to grow and understand life in a better way.  
3. Try to spend more time with your family and friends. During a relationship, we reduce the time we used to spend with our parents and friends. Post breakups make up for the past loss.
4. Don’t shy away to consult an expert: if you find your sadness getting uncontrollable and it's not stopping, no matter what you try or do, then consult an expert immediately. Counselling  always helps you to get back in your life.