How Many of Your Facebook Friends Could You Count on In a Crisis?

Today all of us are on social media and every day within minutes we come know how our friend’s new car looks like, where they have gone for a vacation, how was their last night's party, how they look in their new hair style etc. No doubt social media give us an absolute sense of what is happening in our friend’s life but have you ever asked yourself how many friends out of the list of hundreds or thousands, could you count on in a crisis?
Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo says that a relationship can genuinely be nurtured with face to face interactions, hugs and with real chats and outings. Although social media does allow us to interact with man people at the same time, but these online connections usually don't translate into stronger social bonds of close friends.
Social media may help to slow down the natural rate of decay in a relationship quality that would set in once we cannot readily meet our friends face-to-face. But no amount of social media will prevent a friend eventually becoming 'just another acquaintance' if you don't meet them personally from time to time. Hence, if you really value your friendship and want to experience the best life experiences that real friendship can offer , then don’t depend on Facebook and Twitter, go out with your friends, go to their places and put more efforts to have face-to-face interactions with them so you can grow old along with your friends.