4 Psychological Hacks to be More Productive

Everyone loves to get appreciations and rewards for their work and an organization values its employees who performances and yields productivity. Yet when we are told to be more productive, our mind generally shoots images that tell us to do self-sacrifices or self-regulations, like “I should be staying late in the office”, “I should come on Saturdays to work”, “must finish client emails from home” etc.

To excel at workplace, Psychologist and Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares simple mind techniques that'll have us being productive before we know it. We just need to keep in mind that everybody works differently, so while one method may strike productivity gold, another might not. So we should check ourselves what works best for us.

1. Build the habit of strongly instructing yourself

Guide yourself by having an instructional conversation to increase your focus and get away from distractions. This simple self-help method can help you solve problems calmly and in a more focused manner, especially when you're feeling flustered. 

2. Break deadlines down into smaller measurements 

Researchers have found the person who sets short terms goals has higher chances to achieve their long-term targets. So build the habit to breakdown deadlines into smaller measures.

3. Put a nature’s picture on your desktop

A 2015 Australian study found that looking at a flowering and grassy rooftop helped participants make fewer mistakes than those staring at a concrete building. The lead author of the study says that even looking at an image of nature can help improve work performance.

4. Regularly ask yourself about your productivity status
Create a mantra to remind you to stay productive. Ask yourself every hour or so, what you're doing at that particular moment is productive? This will help you pause and regain focus.