How To Go Deeper In Your Intimate Relationships

If you want to live happily with your partner, then never forget to give constant attention and care to your relationship. No doubt this has to come from both the partners but sometimes it’s been seen that one partner becomes so judgmental of what the other partner is doing, they ignore or even forget about their own efforts.

Due to various reasons in today’s time we see couples are less willing to go deep in their relationships after their initial stages of partnership. In fact in today’s fast life, couples are generally seen taking lazy attitude or professional priority attitude towards their relationships and they are seen living a life where their relationship merely exists, instead of thriving.

Today eminent psychologist and marriage counsellor of Delhi Shivani Misri Sadhoo will share some questions that you should ask your partner to go deep in your intimate relationship.

1.  How can I make this moment more loved and comfortable for you?
You may not know if your wife / husband dislikes any of your action of attaining the phone calls when both of you get time to spend just with each other or he/ she might be missing your hug for a long time but never expressed the desire of the same. So ask it before she/he buries the feeling in their heart.

2. How can I improve my capabilities to become a better support in your life?
Sometimes this question will spark something in your partner, and sometimes it won’t but keep on asking from time to time (but don’t sound artificial, only ask if you genuinely want to improve your support to your wife or husband). This question is a great tool for you to understand your wife's or husband's expectations from each other.

3. Is there anything I have done in the past week that may have unknowingly hurt you?

If you want to rejuvenate your relationship and make it joyful experience for rest of your life then you must put constant efforts to release your partner from emotional weights. Human beings have tendencies to keep accumulating unexpressed bad feeling in subconscious mind and this ruins the relationship’s health over the time. When ask your partner to express their unexpressed bad feelings, they will feel emotionally light weighted and if you put sincere efforts to correct those bad feeling (if possible) then chances are high that your partner too will follow this practice.