"Imagine the mayhem for working mothers as children and office demands time while the schools are shut. Here what can be done."

The school summer vacations have started and every kid must be super excited with the idea of their long break that comes with relaxation, no school, family trip and seemingly endless free time. Summer gives kids the perfect amount of rest and relaxation to start up school again in the fall feeling refreshed and ready to learn. 

Summer vacations also allow kids to spend time outside of their school environment and learn things more naturally by spending more time with their parents, relatives and friends.

Now the big question that every working parent face at the start of summer vacations is how to take care of their kids while they are at the office. The first solution everyone possibly thinks off is to call their own parents at home, but if you do not have that option this year then check out the following valuable parenting tips by Delhi’s eminent Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo.

1. Organise a good Day Care.
In today’s time when the security of the child becomes an issue if you leave your kid solely at a maid’s custody, it is advisable that instead you search for a good day-care. Do a good research to select the day care, look for the ones that offer summer camps or hobby class that can really help your child to stay active and happy while you are at the office.

2. Regulate computer games and TV
Today’s kids have tendencies (especially boy) to go crazy over the computer and mobile games, remember if you do not keep a check on your kid’s involvement with digital games and TV, it will harm their mind, social skills, and eye vision. To keep your kids away from TV and games, involve them in household activities, book reading, introduce them to a musical instrument, ask them to take care of their grandparents etc. 

3. Don't do everything yourself

They say 'women can have it all' but in reality, you'll just fall over if you try to do everything yourself. Hence, get help from your partner, your family, your in-laws and put systems in place to get everyone to help in the house . Even very small children can pick their plates from the table and put them in the dishwasher, for example. And ask for help too if you feel the need . Don't try to be superwoman.