Use This Simple Trick to Transform Conflict into Connection

Friction and annoyances are inevitable in every relationship. There are differences between partner’s opinions, personalities, hopes, and expectations. This is true for every couple, even for the happiest ones.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that happy couples have just as many differences and circumstantial hardships as unhappy couples, yet they are thriving anyway. Why? One thing that happy couples often have that struggling couples don’t, is humour.

If laughter is lacking in your relationship, you are missing out on a potentially great part of your relationship, suggests marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo. She says humour is no rocket science and we all are blessed with some level of humour that we can express and enjoy in our life – all it takes to express our funny bones is NOT TO TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. Today she shares some important rules on how to bring humour in marriage and to transform conflicts into connections.

1.) Don’t take yourself too seriously

A lot of people have strong tendency to put too much importance on themselves, it’s not that self-valuing is bad, but too much self-value derived from professional success, monetary status or academic achievements, works like a big stone burden on a person’s head.

Hence the first act to lighten up life and bring humour and laughter is to throw this rock from your head and meet people and situations without evaluating how much value they can offer you.

2.) Share experiences together

Lot of laughter can be brought to life by experiencing or watching a funny movie together, reading a book together, watching together a funny channel program, or just sharing funny experiences from the past by getting time for frequent light talks.

3.) Study Your Spouse's Funny Bone

One of the reasons many couples never reach their "laughter potential" is because they have never taken humour seriously. Sounds strange, but to bring more laughter into your relationship, you need to know what makes your husband or wife laugh. After all, each of us has a unique sense of humour.

Of course, some people never crack a smile at something almost everyone else thinks is hilarious. So your job is to find those things your partner thinks are most funny by paying attention to when he or she laughs.

Maybe your partner likes a sarcastic wit. Maybe it's slapstick that makes him or her laugh. Or maybe it's the old classic sitcoms like The Andy Griffith Show. Wherever his or her funny bone is located, find it and use it — at least once a day.