Signs That Person May Not Be Ready For A Real Relationship

The truth is everyone has some expectations from their relationship, especially if it’s a romantic one. Yet a lot of romantic relationships end leaving the person devastated, confused and hurt. In some cases, a person misses identifying if the person is right for them and even though the person is right, they distance themselves from them, in confusion. Today Relationship Expert and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares signs that could mean the other person doesn’t want more out of a relationship than what is casual. Such clarity helps us avoid disappointments at the end.

1.  If the person is not progressive about the relationship

A relationship is like a plant that needs dedication and care to grow into a wonderful tree. Hence if you see your relationship is not progressive or developmental irrespective or your efforts at the same time your partner is not willing to put energy to excel your relationship into maturity, then it is obvious the person is not ready for something real and long lasting.

2 If the person prefers taking than giving

When your partner is always about self-benefit and does not want to make any sacrifices that are required or make them more involved. In other words, for your partner giving something to the relationship seems to suck while taking makes them feel they are in control, then it may be the time to think hard to move out.

3. If the person has had too many casual relationships in the past

Remember being stable and sincere needs maturity and if you find your partner in past has had too many temporary and casual relationships, then it’s time that you should put efforts to check if he/she considers you any different from his/her ex-casual partners?

4. If the person avoids your parents

People generally see their partner’s family or friends as elements that represent commitment and responsibility, something that they are not really ready for. Hence a partner, who is not looking long time commitment, would avoid meeting people that are really close to you.