Why Is It So Difficult to Ask For Professional Help?

For many people, going to therapy is a hot-button issue. The idea somehow implies that a person in therapy is weak, unable to manage their problems, downright “crazy,” or just seeking attention. But regardless of your feelings, you almost certainly know and care about someone who is currently in therapy or has been at some point.

Counseling and Psychotherapy can be an instrumental tool for growth and healing. Psychotherapy is a relationship and a dialogue. The mental wellness community is making tremendous strides to educate the public on the truths about therapy. 

As a therapist, I am frequently asked how I can sit with people all day talking about their problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, marital discord, relationship difficulties, grief, and loss. Isn’t it exhausting and laborious?

The truth: Some of the healthiest people I know are in therapy.

A therapist’s office is a place where you can float ideas to a trained professional who will not judge your decisions or desires. If a pattern of behavior is a problem for you, your therapist can help you explore and uncover the underlying cause(s), and support you enthusiastically as you build more productive habits and work to reach your goals.

So if you have considered therapy but are worried about the besmirchment or the disgrace that comes along with it, please keep in mind that looking in depth at your responsibility to your health is hard work and takes courage, mettle, strength and conviction. It is the opposite of weakness. And the payoff, your ultimate well-being, is its own reward—both for you and your therapist.

Going to therapy signals that you are strong, willing to take a hard look at your thoughts and behaviors, and prepared to be challenged in a safe environment to make adjustments that may improve your life.

About the author: Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo is the consulting psychologist with Fortis Hospital, IBS (Indian Brain & Spine) Hospital and with Express Clinics.Counsellor Shivani has served over thousands plus happy & satisfied individuals and couples in India and abroad. She is one of India's eminent Marriage Counsellor & Relationship Expert, who is frequently been featured by leading newspapers, magazines and TV channels.