How Keep Yourself Emotionally Healthy if You Are A House Wife?

For many women, a working career generally helps them achieve a sense of being and purpose – an identity that is enriching. But many a time, even pursuing good education or working in good corporates, Indian women decide to stay at home. Their brave decision to stay home bound comes primarily from factors like demand for childcare, lack of organizational support for pregnancy or there weren't enough opportunities for them to explore job interviews after getting married.

Under such scenario, house bound women tend to suffer from boredom, low self-worth, loneliness, sadness and that can gradually worsen into serious psychological issues like depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and more. Today Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares certain tips for house bound women on how they can keep themselves emotionally healthy and in good mood along with performing their daily household chores.

1. Care Yourself under daily routine 

Being homebound does not mean you spend your whole day just taking care of your children and finishing household chores. Make a daily habit to get some time for yourself for self-care. During that time, take a relaxing bath, spend some time on your fitness or simply get in touch with nature.

2.  Avoid watching too much of TV 

Staying home bound generally risks people to get addicted to television. Remember there is very little to be gained from watching television and no gain from watching soap operas.  It is a time thief and a brain washer and you may avoid watching it. 

On top of it, today’s Indian soap operas mostly present an extremely complex, negative and consumerist life style that severely affects a person’s emotional well-being. Like a lot of family dramas, characters show the unrealistic picture of the relationships around them or they even sleep wearing lakhs of jewellery that most Indian middle class cannot afford and looks absurd too. Most family dramas scripts present a situation where one person in the family is always plotting against another person and so on. Hence avoid TV as much as possible.

3. Create a schedule for yourself

This is probably the most important piece of advice to stay emotionally healthy while you are home bound. A schedule will allow you to plan your day in advance, if you stick to it, you will gradually develop the ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently and you would be able to do both house chores as well as tasks that are important for your well-being.  

4. Learn Productive Activities 

Invest time to learn productive hobbies like craft, cooking, gardening or learn useful skills that you can learn and practice from home like – learn a foreign language from an app or website, develop and/or write blogs.

5. Build positive social circle 

Learning new skills and productive hobbies open opportunities to make friends and expand your social circle who share a same productive interest. Talking and meeting them regularly will allow your intellectual and creative faculty to stay active and will help you to gain positive attitude and confidence.

The author Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo is Delhi's eminent Psychologist and marriage counsellor in Delhi. Check here details here: