4 Magic Relationship Words – Say It Every day to Your Partner

Sustaining the quality of romantic relationship largely depends on time devotion for each other and on the qualitative communication. Since in today’s hectic lifestyle, couples spend lesser and lesser quality time with each other, level of communication becomes utmost important to sustain the romantic element in their relationship.

Delhi’s eminent Couple Therapist, Relationship and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares that using right words while communicating with your partner is of utmost importance. She says that words that are used in a relationship–can heal or hurt, can build trust or erode it, can cool off arguments or fuel them and can eliminate jealousy or aggravate it.
Counsellor Shivani says it is true that not everyone is good is a good communicator but there are certain magic words – if practised every day, every couple can improve their level of communication and would be able to sustain their romance in their relationship. Their magic words are:-

1.  I love you

When you love your partner, make sure you say it every day. You may think your love is implied or that your actions speak louder than words, but the words are important, too. Whether it's through a simple text, a cute handwritten note, or just a simple, "Hey, I love you" the words are more important than you may know, probably.

2.  I Like You

Generally after a certain period of time in marriage, couple develops a tendency to express their complaints openly and more & more frequently– “You never keep your towel after bath in right place”, “Why cannot you cook the dish you love more frequently, “you never like my parents” and so on.  On the other hand, the couple starts to take each other for granted and stop to notice or express the things they earlier liked about their partner.  Don’t do that – instead, practice to express at least once a day the things that you like in your partner.

3.  How Was Your Day?

Asking and listening to your partner (both of you) about your daily lives is a great way to keep connected and it avoids growing apart. It also shows that you care about what happens and how work and life affects your partner. Being a good cheerleader to your partner is key to being supportive and respectful towards each other, and showing interest in what your partner is interested in is a part of that as well.

4.  I Respect You

This phase does not essentially need to be told, rather it means that you both stay remain considerate towards each other's contribution. For example, your husband fulfils his promise by taking you to your friend's ’ place after an exhausting day or your wife makes you coffee in between her hectic arrangement for a guest over dinner . Identify these small contributions in life and appreciate your partner when these contributions are made.  Remember love is respect, and respect is love — and both of those things are incredibly important to a healthy and happy relationship.