How is Instagram Flirting Secretly Ruins a Relationship?

In today’s time flirting on Instagram is more or less a common practice. Even if men are in a relationship they still send those DMs, comments, and likes to school crush, hot celeb, and models.
But do you realize how much Instagram flirting can ruin people’s relationship without their knowing? Today Relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo talks on this issue and shares the negative effect of Instagram flirting on the relationship.
1. Generates insecurity 
Insecurity among partners is one of most common factors that damage the relationship or even lead to relationship failure. One person doesn’t feel great about themselves for some reason and lots of issues arise. Instagram flirting is definitely a way to make someone feel insecure. They know that you’re out there flirting with a random person and that apparently makes them feel sad, disgusted and insecure about the relationship.
2. Implies lack of faith
Universally it is believed that when people are happy in their relationship they do not stray. Hence when a person engages with others through Instagram flirting, it commonly implies that they not happy with their relationship. And for obvious reasons, that can ruin their relationship.
3. Sometimes causes jealousy
Flirting on Instagram means the person is devoting both time and attention to an outsider. And that will spark jealousy in the partner’s mind and jealousy can lead to much bigger relationship issues.
4. It can lead people to think that their partner isn’t good enough. 
This is just the biggest issue with Instagram flirting. When a person flirts on social media and hearing how other people may treat him if they were actually with them, it makes the person doubt their partner. They start to see their partner as less than great and in an unappealing light. And that’s just not healthy for any relationship.
5. People compare their relationship to the ones online. 
Instagram is full of other couples and every couple generally portrays their relationship in the best possible light on social media. This can make a viewer to see and compare their own relationship and start identifying their own partner as inadequate. This can make a person to judge their relationship far too harshly.
6. Thinking about being with someone else. 
Instagram flirting can put a person to start picturing themselves with another person (Instagram profile) and not with their real-life partner. It can take your attention away from your current relationship and basically make you think you can do better.
7. Stop seeking the “thrill” of flirting

Most of the fun of a relationship is flirting and building that intimate connection. When a person gets that online, they gradually stop seeking it in your partner. That thrill will be lost and they’ll feel distant. This definitely hurts affect their relationship.