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5 Ways To Show That You Care For Your Spouse

An essential element of a blissful and happy marital life, involves your spouse appreciating your efforts, you put to care for him/her. Yes! many times the care is there but spouses are not mature enough to recognize and appreciate it.

However, most commonly in today's society, couples get so engrossed in their daily life tussles that they often forget to pay attention to minor things at home and showing that they care for their partner is one of those things.

In this article, Delhi's eminent marriage counselor and relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo reveal 5 ways to express that you care for your spouse, in your day to day life.

1. Show Appreciation For Your Spouse:

Many times when couples realize that they have stopped appreciating each other, they still continue to ignore because they tell themselves - it's my spouse who is ignoring me, he/she is at wrong. 

Remember you should not expect your spouse to believe you care about them if you do not show your appreciation for them. So initiate yourself and compliment your spouse and tell them what you love and admire about their looks, personality or behaviour. This not only boosts your partner’s self-confidence but also encourages them to do more things like that.

Learning to show how you love them is easy, it just takes practice. Start doing acts of care for your spouse today and within no time, you’ll become habitual and see yourself through to a happy marriage.

2.  Apologize To Your Spouse Often And Without Hesitation:

Many relationship problems can sometimes be resolved with a simple apology. You just need to decide what is more precious to you, being correct or being happy. Apologizing often and freely will make you and spouse happier in the long run. It tells your spouse that their feelings are more important to you than being right.

3.  Give Your Partner Small Gifts Time To Time:

Giving is a method, not an event, and is something that should happen from time to time. Yes, you want to celebrate big events, like birthdays and holidays, but giving small gifts on any given day that comes from the heart directly should be something that your partner would appreciate the most.

4. Surprise Your Spouse With An Act Of Kindness:

Nothing feels better than saying I care about you, like a spontaneous act of kindness. Develop a habit to do things that make your spouse’s life a bit easier such as by offering to do some of their daily chores. However, do not expect anything in return for your actions. It is not an act of kindness if you expect your spouse to do the same.

5. Spend Some Time With Your Spouse:

Create a habit of spending as much time as possible talking and interacting. Discuss, with your spouse if they are facing any problem or how their day spent?  If you're watching TV, at least sit on the same couch and hold hands or put your arms around one another. Closeness and communication are what makes a relationship loving and alive.

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