How to Use Anxiety to Your Advantage?

Even though anxiety is regarded as a negative phenomenon, but there are situations where our anxiety can be used with an advantage. Thinking about anxiety as an obstacle pushes us further away from its solution, whereas thinking about it as a weapon allows us to use it to our advantage.
Neurologically, anxiety is a strong signal that helps regulate attention and motivation to look after the things you concern about most in life. Anxiety proves you care; you honestly can’t care about things without feeling anxiety time and again.
However, it does not mean anxiety is enjoyable.
But not every anxiety is severe, and a mild amount of anxiety is the sweet spot when it comes to using anxiety to your advantage. Eminent psychologist and marriage counselor Shivani MisriSadhoo reveals 5 ways which state How to use anxiety to your advantage? Here they are.

1.      Anxiety Is Rooted Inside You Can Use It To Protect Yourself:
Fear is devised to keep you safe from danger. Anxiety is a form of that vital and fundamental fear response. At times anxiety can be used to know that the worst is true (example getting yourself to believe that someone is determined to harm you). So, paying attention to that uneasy feeling can be useful to stay connected to a sense of safeguarding yourself.

2.      Embrace Rather Than Resist It:
Resisting anxiety increases it, rapidly ratcheting it up to something that can easily become unwieldy and overwhelming. Instead, try to embrace your anxiety and use it in a way so that you can be alert to something you care a lot.

3.      Anxiety Can Be Used To Lead You Towards Whatever Requires Your Attention:
This could be healthy to temporarily divert yourself from anxiety to gain an aspect, but if a speculation or situation causes anxiety repeatedly, your mind and body are possibly trying to tell you there is something which needs your attention. It may also give you a feeling of what you truly care about and want to take action on, even if it may be difficult to do. Anxiety can lead you to see that something about a situation is too substantial to ignore.

4.      You Can Use Your Anxiety To Become More Smarter:
A person who tends to become anxious might naturally become highly intelligent. Anxious people can be amazingly good researchers, great thinkers, and analyzers. Additionally, they naturally tend toward higher-level intellectual processing by becoming keen observant. Anxiety can also be used to prepare yourself to be smarter as you go through criteria of learning more about it. Creating a better understanding of your anxiety can assist you to learn to explore options consciously and resolve issues calmly. This skill improves both mental and emotional intelligence.

5.      You Can Use Your Anxiety, To Get Panic Under Control:
By changing your thinking instead of battling panic, learn to dive into it. Like a big wave approaching, bracing yourself isn’t as productive as diving through it. Making a decision not to battle your anxiety, and to let its waves wash over you, can help you overcome the storm of panic.