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5 Life Changing Psychological Tricks To Make You Confident

Self-confidence as per definition is the feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. Self-confident people don't doubt themselves. Self-confidence is influenced by various factors like upbringing, work environment, work experience and, levels of dedication towards pursuing a cause.

High self-confidence level is extremely important to sustain a progressive professional life and happy balanced personal life.

BUT not everyone has the same upbringing, good academic success, long work experience, a healthy work culture, AND not everyone has a good confidence level. So what under-confident people should do?

Under-confident people should work on building their confidence level by improving their mindset, believing in themselves, improving their dedication for work and family, improving their communication etc.

However, there are several psychological tricks that will make you confident if you apply them. Today, the eminent psychologist, relationship expert and marriage counsellor, Shivani Misri Sadhoo reveals 5 life-changing psychological tricks that can make you confident.

1.  Try To Act Confidently:

If you feel you are not confident, pretend it till you make it. Pretend often as if you’re the most confident individual in this world. Soon you will notice the change within yourself.

2.  Try To Dress Up And Groom Yourself:

When you’re dressed up, remember you look good and that adds as a confidence booster. It makes you feel good and confident about yourself and you know exactly how to carry yourself. Wear clothes that are smart and comfortable. Also, always make sure that you are well groomed. Good dressing and looks create an instant impression on others.

3.  Try To Take A Power Stance:

We usually, think about our body language as being a reflection of our and feelings and mindset but as it turns out, the opposite is also true. Our body stance can have an immense effect on our internal dialogue, and if utilized properly, it can be applied to trick yourself into feeling more confident. For example, try to walk or stand holding your head high.

4.  Try To Speak Clear and Loudly:

When we say to speak clear and loudly, you don’t need to be like a loudspeaker. Instead, speak at a pitch that’s audible to everyone and can be heard clearly as well. The way you handle yourself, particularly when you’re talking gives others an impression of how confident you are. 

5.  Try To Recall Your Achievements:

We all at some point in our life have achieved something good, isn’t it? So if you are struggling with a low confidence level or feeling uncertainty then always keep a list of your achievements handy. So that you call tell yourself that you’re great just the way you are and can do whatever is needed. 

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