You all have met at least one person who seemed to have a habit of waking up in the morning, sipping their coffee, and brainstorming how to hurt other people. Though they do not necessarily do it via physical means, these people take a dig at your self-esteem, mess up your work, or otherwise just create inconvenience for you in one way or the another. They like to see you writhe, and they live for it.
Everyday sadists, as psychologists call them, are people who just simply love to hurt others for one reason or another. And, in reality, they’re easily spotted and at least somewhat avoidable in several situations.
In this article, Delhi’s eminent Psychologist and Relationship Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo talks about 5 signs you are dealing with a sadist.

They Make Mean, Casual Jokes At Someone Else’ Expense
Sadists love to throw out dirt and dig at people, even if those people are behaving nicely with them. They do this because they know those “jokes” undermine peoples’ confidence and esteem because they love to see others suffer.
They Look To Stir Up Drama Just So That Others Will Gang Up On An Innocent Individual
This is one of the simplest ways everyday sadists tear down others. They love seeing others get hurt and they love to see others cry. If they can manipulate others to hurt the target for them, it’s even better. That is why many sadists are into mud-slinging and gossip mongering.
You Get The Feeling That They Like To See You Suffer And Make You Hurt
After certain exposure, your feelings are almost always spot-on. They could say, I am not trying to hurt you, or I am just giving my opinion, but make no mistake about it, they are baying for your blood.
They Try To Control The People They Have Close Relationships With
For sadists, practicing control is part of the high they get from being cruel and disrespectful to others. This is why they will often say to their spouses they are not allowed to go outside without them, or why they may present them ultimatums on best friends and over meeting new people.
Trying To Get Them To Empathize With You Is A Lost Cause
Does not matter how much you argue, plead, and try to convince the sadist, they are never going to empathize with you. This is because they like seeing you hurt. Nothing is going to change that because it is just who they are.