Admit it, most of you imagine a couple as a younger woman with an older man or a man of the same age. In a relationship which had a younger man than the woman was not accepted in the past. Today people are more liberal-minded and things like age difference do not play a big factor anymore. It could surprise many, but a lot of men are actually attracted to older women for various reasons.
Though there are numerous reasons for men getting attracted to older women. The answer is pretty simple anyone would be drawn to a mature, patient, sensible, and intelligent woman, no matter what the age is.
Whilst a young mind wanders, a matured mind provides stability to a relationship. They are secure in their lives and know the difference between fairy-tale romance and real-life attraction. They are aware of their needs, desires, shortcomings and have a better understanding of what a companion could desire. Older women bring a sense of understanding, maturity, and patience that are utmost for any relationship to thrive. Because of experience and age, they offer plenty to a relationship, and this is why many young men today are attracted to women who are older to them.
In this article, Delhi’s top marriage counselor and relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo share some reasons why young men prefer relationships with older women.

They Make You Look At Things From A Different Perspective
A relationship with an older woman presents you an opportunity to grow. Sure, relationships normally, help you learn things about yourselves and who you are, yet an older woman will assist you to understand your feelings at a deeper level. You don’t have to play mind games with her, you do not need to make her guess, just simply say what’s on your mind to her and you won’t feel any pressure. This makes a stronger connection within the partnership and helps to build a strong and mature relationship.
They Are Confident And Independent
Whilst younger ladies are still busy seeking attention and approval from other people, an older woman is quite comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t need to prove herself to anybody and she is not looking for approval. She feels relaxed in the world. Her confidence and the manner she carries herself is just magnetic. Older ladies enjoy men’s attention while also paying attention to other important things.
Older Women Do Not Need Continuous Pampering
A higher percentage of younger women, in comparison to older women, need continuous pampering. Men dating them either have to praise them on a regular basis or shower them with gifts and other romantic gestures. While older women do enjoy some pampering, they are not obsessed with gifts and romantic gestures. In short, older women are not highly demanding.
Older Women Know How To Take Things Slow
Rather than rushing into things like marriage or family life and forcing younger men to take up more responsibilities, older women are more accommodating. They take things slow in the relationship give time to their partners to adjust, and this certainly favors men who are still trying to gauge their lives, both professional and personal.
They Are In Touch With Reality
Women in their prime youth prefer living in a fantasy world, which is normal at that age. They dream of a charming prince and happily-ever-afters. But the reality is different. People are selfish, there are heartbreaks and disappointments.
The older women are in constant touch with reality and do not live in the fantasy world. They are practical and know how to handle every situation. Younger men could also learn to live life practically with the guidance of older women. In fact, even a long-distance relationship could work better with an older woman.
Older Women Are Highly Supportive
Men who are in a relationship with older women are able to receive constant support from their partners. Whenever younger men face any dilemma or life-changing decision, it is the older women (their partners) who stand and even guide them. They are sensible enough to understand how to handle difficult situations in life.
However, women their age may not be as mature and refuse to understand. With the encouragement and support of older women, younger men have a better chance to become better and a more mature person.
Older Women Are Happy Go Lucky
Because older women are matured, well-settled in their professional life, free from teenage melodrama, they really know how to live a stress-free and a happy life. They are happy-go-lucky and tend to make people around them calm and free of tension as well. Therefore, younger men dating older women tend to have a blossoming relationship.
They Are Sexually Less Inhibited
Many younger men usually find it difficult to get intimate with younger women since they are not so open about sex. But older women, on the other hand, are less inhibited because of their maturity and they know how to enjoy intimate encounters. It is in the early days of their lives when older women give up all kinds of inhibitions related to sex. Thus, younger men can get intimate with older women easily who are accommodative in such matters.