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How to Emotionally Heal Yourself?

Over a period of time, all of us knowingly or unknowingly experience emotional distress in all sorts of ways like underperformance in profession, your work or effort not getting recognized or acknowledged, situation is not in your favour, unwanted compulsions that result in sadness, anxiety, addictions, physical ailments, boredom, and/ or all sorts of angry, bleak, and agitated moods.
According to Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, when a person suffers from unhealthy emotional condition for a prolonged period of time and never addresses the concern directly, instead uses means to hide it from self or from others, then the person risks himself/herself to go into depression, addiction, starts having anger management issues and puts their life into a vicious cycle, where ill emotional & psychological condition results in worsening of relationships and profession and that further deteriorates the problem.
So what helps to relieve this distress? What helps a person to heal emotionally? Ca…