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Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo share's her expert advice in the Times of India

Question: I am a 40-year-old woman staying in Mumbai. I have a reasonably happy married life for the past 10 years. My husband provides all the basic requirements of life, the only glitch being the fact that there is no transparency in our lives. I tell him about my day in detail, but he has built a wall around his personal life, which I am not supposed to knock on. When I try, he loses his cool for days together. I cannot touch his mobile phone and all hell breaks lose if I check his whatsapp. I cannot even ask where he'd been the whole day. Our conversations are restricted to only general communication. No jokes, no laughter and no sharing.

He feels since he is providing for basic necessities of life, I am not allowed to cross my limits. Fortunately I am a working professional and my work helps me retain my sanity. I am surprised at couples who are able to share so much. I am suffocated in this relationship as I am only recognised for my housework and office work and not supposed…

How to Deal with In-Laws Interference and Protect Your Marriage?

A large number of Indian marriages suffer due to the in-law's interferences, especially in a joint family scenario. The questions that individual faces under such scenarios are, "as a daughter-in-law or a son-in-law are , what is required of me? What are my obligations, whether I feel like it or not, in relation to my spouse's parents?"

There are many reasons why in-laws interfere or impose their judgements & decisions, and start to pressurise their daughter in law or son in law to follow them. When in-laws are not been followed, they gradually move to defame their daughter in law or son in law to others. This creates an extremely negative environment at home, as either one or both the partners have to undergo great pain and agony with each passing day.  They feel caught up between trying to please their in-laws or trying to avoid offending them on the one hand, and just wanting to be themselves or wanting their own "space" on the other.    

Worst is …

Important Happiness Habits Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Today the numbers of young people, especially teenagers are suffering from depression, issues like anxiety, game additions etc are increasing, day by day. What could be the cause of poor mental strength among teenagers that make them fall in traps like depression, anxieties? Definitely one of the prime causes is study pressure, highly competitive entrance exams, peer pressure etc.
According to Psychologist and Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, parents cannot always control the external factors that affect the child but the definitely can teach the child to learn important happiness habits that can help the child to develop emotional & mental strong and live blissfully in the advanced stages of their life.
1. Help Your Child to Learn Engagement: Does your child have a hobby that can get them completely immersed, like painting, music, dancing etc.? Is yes then help your child to grow and excel on those hobbies. If no then encourage your child to identify their hobby.
Music and sports ar…

4 Effective Ways to Keep Your Life Worry Free

How often do you worry about things you can’t change? Probably a few times a day if not less and you are not alone, a large population in this world dedicates a good portion of their lifetime for worrying on matters - they cannot control or change or often that never happens. In fact, science has found some amazing facts about human behaviour relating to worrying. About 85% of the things humans worry about, never ever happens.Worrying kills a person’s ability to give 100% to the task, as tension drains a person’s mental energy and divert them to focus on worrying.People who let go of worries instead of stressing over them are much healthier than those who don’t.
According to Psychologist and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, the problem lies with the fact that even though most people know that their worries would create stress for their body & mind and it’s slowly eating their body from inside, they cannot stop themselves from worrying.  So how one can let go of their worrie…

Simple Words That Can Damage Relationship in the Long Run

Words are powerful than swords and like it’s been said in old scripts, be very careful while you use your words, as both words and arrows, once pulled out cannot be taken back. In a healthy relationship, words can heal, inspire and help your partner or it can do a silent damage and make permanent wounds. Today Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, shares some simple words that should NEVER be used carelessly in a healthy marital life.
1. Avoid use of ‘You” with Generalizations
It’s been commonly witnessed in a marital relationship, especially where either one or both the partners are passing through stressful events- that they use generalization along with word “you” to criticize. Like “you are always like this”, “You are always careless”, “You and Your Parents always do this”….etc. First, understand that expression of frustration and anger will never lead you to solutions, rather it will make your partner defensive or provoke him/her to counter attack you. Hence, avoid the expressio…

Symptoms that Your Job is killing You – Act Before its too late

Do you know job stress today adds to one of the major reasons for depression, anxiety, relationship breakups and develops family issues? Not only that job stress also leads to chronic heart problems, hypertension and destroys one’s sexual life. All corporate jobs and daily commutation are stressful, there is no escape to it, but the real problem lies with the fact that most people realise very late that they are at danger level of job stress.
Delhi’s eminent psychologist and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo suggests that if one understand that he/she is at danger level of job stress on time, there are plenty of remedies to avoid major catastrophes on one’s life. Today Psychologist Shivani shares some important signs that indicate one is at danger level of job stress.
1. You are frequently falling ill 
It’s not necessary that job deadlines pressure or late working hours alone damages your body and mind. If you are lately complaining about frequent lower-back pain, indigestion, aci…

Long Lasting Professional Relationships

Networking is an essential skill that every professional must possess for professional and business growth. Consistent and effective communication with a strong presence, especially in the business leadership circle is a 'must' for building strong relationships. In the latest MiceTalk issue, Psychologist and Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo has shared some important points that entrepreneurs and professions can remember to keep long lasting and harmonious business relationships.

Why Are Breakups So Crushing for Women compare to Men?

From a neurobiological perspective, love is seen similar to addiction, when we fall in love, our brain gets flooded with a host of "feel good" neurochemicals like - adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin. These chemicals cause us to feel highly motivated to do things that may seem impossible otherwise, like staying up all night talking or chatting to the person you love on the phone, feeling the deep desperation or the desire to meet your lover, ready to physically harm self for a person whom you know just year or months back.
As our relationship progresses and we begin to settle into our daily life with our partner those neurochemicals settle too. This is ultimately for the best otherwise humans would not be able to progress in other aspects of their life efficiently, if they keep themselves completely submerged into the thoughts and feelings of their partner 24X7 (like in the initial phase).
When a breakup occurs, especially at an advanced stage of the relationship,…


"Workplace is probably one of the most complex places where pressures are high and tempers run haywire. But it is also the place where you need to walk the talk."

Most of us have gone through a situation where our favourite project was cancelled after all the hard work, when our boss assigns more work when we were already overloaded, our leaves get cancelled or we do not get satisfied increments, And the feeling that surges through at that moment is anger! And it's a huge struggle to control that at that moment. Sometimes one does fail to control the outburst and protests. And then suffer the repercussions.

In the latest edition of MiceTalk eminent psychologist and marriage counsellor of Delhi, Shivani Misri Sadhoo has answered to the question, how to handle temper in a meeting...