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Tips to Increase Self-Esteem

1. Be an evergreen learner
First, a person should develop an attitude for learning and updating himself / herself in every juncture of life. By learning I mean observing and processing information, which is worth his / her observation and learning, like professional skills, general knowledge, daily news, focusing on how your family members are feeling, their emotions, their expectations etc. This will help the person to build a sense of agreeableness.
2. Realise that negative thoughts are the self-fulfilling prophecies.
One should realise, low self-esteem is a backlash of negative thoughts put on in an endless loop. When a person constantly thinks negatively like - he or she is incompetent, is unimpressive, and or is unattractive; in reality that person is actually creating a self-fulfilling prophecy; i.e. becoming what he/she is preaching inside his or her thought. Hence, it’s important to develop an optimistic view about life to build a goodself-esteem.
3. Develop and practice self-comp…

How to identify if you’re suffering from Suppressed Loneliness?

What makes us happy in life? The first answer that comes to mind is money and fame. But how many of us, who are doing professionally well try to un-address a thought that we do feel bad when we go home and open an empty apartment or when we find our family members don’t have time for us.
You could be surrounded by people throughout your day and still be experiencing a deep, pervasive loneliness. Today a large number of people, knowingly and unknowingly are suffering from loneliness.
Unfortunately, loneliness has serious detrimental effects on one's mental and physical health. It can weaken a person’s immune system as well as it can distort the perception of person’s relationships – leading to a situation where the person turns incapable to maintain valuable relationships. 
Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo suggests people can be lonely without realising it. Here are some signs that can help a person to identify if they are suffering from suppressed loneliness that needs help:-

Tips to Get an Anxiety Free Mind

a.Get active: The first defense against anxiety is to take daily walk, a 30 minute brisk walk can releases endorphin that helps in anxiety reduction.
b.Get proper Sleep: try to get a proper and adequate sleep, you may listen to relaxing music, avoid heavy meal, take warm bath before going to bed and remember to avoid any kind of negative discussion with your family, prior sleeping.
c.Do something you enjoy: Engage yourself with enjoyable activities is a good way to soothe anxiety. You can explore yourself and identify the activity that help you to relax; like gardening, cooking, shopping, painting, listening or playing music.
d.Take a break: If you feel that your professional and personal life is getting too monotonous and hectic then take a break, go for a vacation (if possible), even a short break that brings a change in scenery, fresh mountain air is capable of rejuvenating our mind
e.Adopt Yoga: Yoga has been found to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. Learning & pract…

How to know if you have anxiety?

By definition anxiety means a fearful and tense state of mind and it’s a natural phenomenon. People feel anxious when they get threatened and the rush of adrenaline and nervous impulses help the person to get alert and get better fighting responses.
However, in an unnatural condition if a person feels threatened for a long period of time, anxiety turns into a disorder or an uncontrollable phenomenon. Here are few general symptoms to identify anxiety disorder.
If the person is unreasonable (without a factual cause) worrying about an event or activity, such as work, education, health.If the person is complaining about feeling tired and or lacks concentration.If the person complains lack of sleep and loss of appetite.Suffering with physical symptoms like –excessive sweating, breathlessness and palpitation

3 Topics You Must Discuss Before Getting Married : Pre-Marital Tips by Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Ever wondered what you need to talk about before getting married? 
Shivani Misri Sadhoo, eminent Pre-Marital Counsellor of South Delhi, suggests three topics that every couple should ask before getting married.
a.    The first question every couple should ask each other – “why do you want to spend rest of your life with me? Because life is a journey and your partner should be clear of the life experiences he or she is expecting to share with you. It’s these little goals that couples set, make their marital life special.

b.    The second question every couple should ask each other - "what is your expectations from me in terms of emotional support during exciting times, depressed times, periods of illness etc.?"

c.    The third questions couples should ask each other – "are you ready to put the relationship ahead of everything else?". The beauty of marriage is that it can be used as a base to build the rest of your life on. Your partner should be just that: your partner.…

Surprising Effect of Colors on Mood

Research shows that you can change your mood by the colors you surround yourself with.Even colors of small objects like a hand bad, pen, nail polish or tie can help you in your mood upliftment, says Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo.  Though every individual and culture has different experiences with color and there are some variability of association; still some universal association of colors exist that are applicable to everyone like:
Green color enhances the creative thinking, so a green colour hand bag, nail polish or t-shirt can enhance a person's mood if he/she is associated with creative profession.Redis the most emotionally intense color, it is the color of love. Red clothing makes the wearer appear heavier and get notices but on other hand it is an extreme color, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations. But it definitively uplift your mood if your in love.  Yellow, precisely a sunny yellow is an attention grabbing color and will help you feel h…