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3 Enjoyable Weekend Habits That Set You Up for Success

The weekend is a time when employee focus on rest, relaxation, family and fun, but have you wondered that an efficient way of relaxation, having fun and spending time with family can actually set you for success? Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo, today shares some enjoyable weekend habits that we can build for success. 1. If Possible Avoid Sleeping and Waking up late during the weekend. Generally, many of us throw away our daily schedules, watch late night movies or simply get up very late in the morning. Such a practice is fine if we do once or twice, but if it’s been made into a habit then it may worsen a person’s mood and freshness level - every day, including weekdays. It’s not a good experience to start a day with un-fresh mood, so develop a daily sleeping habit that means a fixed time to go to bed and to wake up in the morning. Scientific studies have proven that a person who maintains a daily sleeping routine, gets adequate sleep everyday maintains a sharp brain, attentive min…

Why Couples Misunderstand Each Other?

Do you know a large population of good people suffer in their relationship due to avoidable misunderstanding? So what are the factors that cause misunderstanding and how we can protect us from them…these are the questions that Delhi’s eminent relationship and marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares today on her blog.
According to Psychologist Shivani misunderstanding in a relationship generally, takes place due to an illusion of the sameness. In the illusion of sameness, partners assume that events and behaviours have the same emotional meaning for both of them.
At first the illusion leads to hurt and bewilderment like - “How could he do that?” or “How could she think or feel that way?” and eventually these illusions lead judgements that acts as emotional and psychological blockages in relationships, like “my partner does not care for me”, “he/she has personality problem”, “she nags too much” etc.
In relationships or marriages, no two people are carbon copies; they are different …

Welcome the new entry to the dating lingo: Benching

Modern day dating scene is one weird mumbo jumbo of a world where singletons or not so single. They are confused about their relationship status and tend to coin new terms to make sense of what’s going on in their turbulent dating life. After ghosting, where your potential partner simply vanishes on you without informing you, benching is the new dating term which has caught people’s fancy. Benching, a term which has been coined by the New York Magazine writer Jason Chen, occurs when you start dating someone and you realize that probably the person isn’t the one for you. But instead of moving on from the person you simply keep them as a backup option.  Read the Hindustan Times article on 

5 Surprising Ways to Improve Emotional Communication and Deepen Your Relationship .

Are you having trouble talking about your feelings with someone you love? Or are you married and facing a communication gap for some time with your partner? Today marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some surprising ways to improve emotional communication and deepen a relationship.
1. Talk about experiences that you have in common with your partner. 
A study by Psychological Science has found out that people feel closer to others when they talk about experiences they have in common. For example, couples who are having a relationship difficulties can take the first step towards repairing by talking about their children, like appreciating the kid’s recent achievements or discussing an action (by the kid) that expresses the kid’s psychological and emotional growth.
2. Remember words are not always necessary for the shared feelings to improve a relationship:
Remember words are not always necessary for the shared feelings to improve a relationship. Just doing something together like…

Why People Marry The Wrong Person?

Am I marrying the right person? it’s a question every individual asks himself or herself before entering a marital relationship and everyone goes to great lengths to avoid marrying the wrong person, yet a large number of couples concludes that they married to a wrong person after spending a certain time in their marriage. 
Today relationship & marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo unboxes the question, why this phenomenon commonly happens in today’s society?  She tells that the problem starts at the beginning when two people get close to each other.  Most of the people seem normal and amazing when the other person doesn’t know them completely.
Perhaps a person is lazy or becomes furious if he/she is been disagreed upon or have not developed enough maturity to handle adverse phase of life or to stick and grow in one relationship. The point is that nobody is perfect.   The problem is that before marriage people rarely exhibit their limitations, the worst is when they themselves are …


Workplace is probably one of the most complex places where pressures are high and tempers run haywire. But it is also the place where you need to walk the talk.
Most of us have gone through a situation where our favourite project was cancelled after all the hard work, when our boss assigns more work when we are already overloaded,  our leaves get cancelled or we do not get satisfactory increment. And the feeling that surges through at that moment is anger! And it’s a huge struggle to control the outburst and protests. And then suffer the repercussions…

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