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How Do You React if Things Go Wrong? Psychologist Shivani tells us why you must avoid self-blaming?

We all carry some degree of the self-blaming tendency when things go wrong in life. The intensity of this tendency depends on our emotional structuring, exposure towards life and age. Generally, we tend to self-blame more for wrong outcomes as kids and gradually with time we learnt to analyse situations in a way better way and try to see the bigger picture.
But have you ever wondered if self-blaming is normal, or do we need to take any extra care to stop it affecting our lives as well as of our kids?

Today Delhi’s renowned psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares why self-blaming is harmful and why we need to practice self-kindness and teach the same to our kids?

Counsellor Shivani shares that self-blaming is one of the most toxic forms of emotional abuse. It amplifies our perceived inadequacies, whether real or imagined and paralyzes us before we even begin to move forward. Secondarily, blame leads to shame and, in the context of self-blame that means self-shaming.

Instead of self-blamin…

Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares how to deal with a partner who loves to gossip with Hindustan Times

Dealing with a partner, who loves to gossip, can be detrimental to your relationship, Delhi's eminent relationship experts & marriage counsellor shares how to deal with a partner who loves to tittle-tattle with Hindustan Times newspaper.

Gossip might seem like a fun and entertaining activity to engage in when it’s about other people. But what if the tables were turned, and it’s about you? Even worse, what if the source of the gossip is your own partner. It could be a gut-wrenching blow to your relationship, right? We get relationship experts Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo and Harsheen K. Arora to share their advice on how to deal with a gossip-monger of a partner.
Remember, No trust, no intimacy!Your partner gossips about you because either it’s their habit, or, they don’t feel secure opening up to you. However, gossiping about your partner to their or your friends, whether intentional or not, is always harmful, as it results in lack of trust and intimacy. The partner, who th…

How to start feeling Secure in Your Relationship?

Sometimes you may have witnessed in your relationship or in others that even though everything is going great in life, still one partner does not feel secure enough to trust the other partner completely.
Why such thing happens, especially if everything is going fine in the couple’s relationship and life? According to Delhi’s eminent relationship Expert and Marriage CounsellorShivani Misri Sadhoo, the question is not why but, to find out what makes the partner feel insecure? It takes time and devotion by couples, but when they get there, their relationship gets filled with a great deal of happiness, stability and bliss. 
Poor self-esteem
The most common reason that causes lack of relationship insecurity is poor self-esteem of either one or both the partners. A partner with poor self-esteem suffers from thoughts like they are not good enough. They think that their partner is too attractive, too smart or too sexy as compared to them and hence a fear starts to develop in them that someone wi…

The Secret of Life to Change Your View of Happiness

Most people wait all week for Friday, all summer for the monsoon, entire married and professional life to buy their dream house, in fact, wait all life for happiness.
When the waits end, it takes the matter of just a few days or hours for people to get accustomed to new achievements or situation and soon they get accustomed to it and starts to feel sad and a new search for persuading for happiness starts.
So the big question is cant we stay happy by having zero expectations? Do we need, purchase or possess something special and pricy to feel happy in life?
“No,” says Delhi’s eminent Counsellor and Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo. She says we do need life goal, we should have plans that can bring convenience to our life – BUT thinking that these achievements alone would bring happiness, means we are missing living happily every day and every moment of our life. Counsellor Shivani, who also heads Saarthi 
Counselling Services says that the secret of life to stay happy is to change the vie…

How to Break Negative Cycle in Relationships?

The state of positivity in a relationship generally becomes the first victim of external pressure that get placed on one or both the partners. External pressures like a conflict with in-laws, financial troubles, professional challenges, parenting issues and others have the tendency to push couples from romantic mode too frequently to pointing each other’s mistakes and later on frequently fighting on each other’s differences. In many cases, this is just the starting point where couples divert their relationship into the path of a negative cycle.

According to Delhi’s Eminent Relationship Expert and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, when couples get inside of the negative cycle, instead of pausing to assess what’s happening in their relationship, couple tend to fall into a reactive debate around who is right and who is wrong. With each passing day in negative relationship cycle, the intensity of non-agreement and arguments increase and each partner starts thinking and accusing eac…

Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo Shares Insight on Today's Generation's View on Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage in the Leading Hindi Magazine Vanita

Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo Shares Insight on Today's Generation's View on Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage in the Leading Hindi Magazine Vanita