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How to manage a wonderful relationship with your in-laws?

Do you have a mother-in-law who never misses a chance to criticize your work, attitude or actions and never addresses your positive side? Or got a father-in-law who’s a know-it-all and always put his views between your partner and kids? It’s often seen that many marriages suffer drastically due to in-laws interferences and partners reach stages of depression or even separation and that’s not all. Poor relationship with in-laws affects the life of the parents and kids who miss their grandparents. Today Marriage Counselor and Relationship Expert suggests some important tips for maintaining a good relationship with in-laws.
Avoid sharing your marital problems with your parents. 
A lot of partners make this mistake to discuss the marital issues with their parents, especially in their early phase of their marriage. Avoid that, unless you have an exploitive partner and you feel insecure or feel no motivation to live with. In such a case, its good to let your folks know who you think won't…

How to Come Out if You Feel Stuck in Life?

A lot of time people get psychologically or emotionally stuck in their lives or suffer from the feeling that they are not able to move ahead. Maybe they have goals but for some reason, they are not able to achieve them. Maybe self-judgment is causing someone to lower their expectations, or low self-worth is preventing someone from making positive changes. A person can also get stuck in worry, afraid to make a decision or change something in their life. Or maybe the person becomes disappointed with some failure and may feel too hard to move on.
When we get stuck, we often wait for external changes to happen. But change doesn't happen to us, it comes from within us. Today psychologist and Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some effective strategies one can try if he/she feels stuck in life:
1. Forgiving yourself or others is a way to let go and let go of the past. 
Are you unable to forgive yourself for mistakes you made or you blame yourself or others for the things that d…

Identify the Factors that Push People towards Sadness and Depression

Happiness generally is in the fleeting mode in people's life, a large population thinks that their happiness depends on their next big promotion, next big company recruitment, buy the next SUV, a bigger house and so on. This forward-looking thinking creates plenty of room for letdowns, however, when a happy state does not actually materialize. Your new job may be great until reality sets in and you notice how difficult your co-workers are, or that you negotiated a salary lower than your friend earns in a similar company. Or your date goes great, but as you move toward in a long-term relationship, the personality issues start to become apparent.
Working toward a new desired state can be exciting. But believing that you will miraculously move from unhappy to happy by reaching the desired goal is not a sure thing. In many cases, people measure happiness by comparative thinking: · My house is the best until my friend invited me to much bigger and well-furnished house, who paid little ex…

How To Boost Your Confidence at Work Place and Fast Excel in Your Career?

In today’s competitive and fast-moving corporate environment, it’s not easy to achieve timely promotion, appraisals, work recognition and credibility from team and management.  However, these professional growth factors rule an individual’s mental and physical well-being. So how to achieve timely professional success? According to Psychologist & Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, timely professional success has a lot to do with the organization the person is working, his/her career planning, his/her competence level BUT an essential factor is the person’s confidence level. 
A balanced confidence level is essential to communicate effectively the personal competence, knowledge, and strength that can help the person to get an ideal organization to work for, win their management’s & co-worker’s confidence and much more. 
According to psychologist Shivani, “building confidence does not require a complete personality overhaul. Instead, you can take smaller steps to become more self-assur…

A Business Learns When its People Learn & Update Themselves

Eminent Counselor & Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo Shares her expert view on the November issue of MiceTalk

How strong is your relationship? Here are the Secretive Ways to Test the Strength of a Relationship

1. Check if your partner looks directly into your eyes or avoids your gaze? Research has found out that couples in love tend to spend more time gazing into each other’s eyes. So next time you meet your partner on a date or over a romantic dinner, notice if your partner looks directly into your eyes, or avoids your gaze?
2. Check if your partner shares his/her personal information, particularly after you have shared something personal or intimate? This is known as “reciprocal self-disclosure” and is the process by which strong relationships are formed. 
3. Does your partner show jealousy when an attractive person shows interest in you?
4. Does your partner willingly offer to help you out with some difficult or a boring chore, such as helping you move your flat, cleaning out your room / house, taking care of your pet while you are on a business trip?
5. Does your partner tell you how much s/he missed you, or say, “Is it two weeks already? Seems like yesterday!”?

If your partner fails one of …

Do you know you can read People by the Words they Speak

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then words are the gateway to the mind. Words represent thoughts. The closest one person can get to understand another person's thought is to listen to the words that he or she speaks or writes. 
Do you know words reflect the behavioral characteristics of the person who spoke or wrote about them? These word clues can increase your probability of predicting the behavioral characteristics of people by analyzing the words with which they communicate.
Hence if you practice and learn the word clues, you probably gain huge mileage to your decision-making capabilities in your professional and personal life. Psychologist and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some interesting tips on how to read people by their choice of words. 
1) Look for use of the word “another” Check if the person uses the word ‘another’, too frequently to express self-achievements; likes I won another award, I have own another flat in Delhi etc.  This generally indica…

How to Defend Less and Empathize more as a Partner

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand another person’s or your own partner’s feelings, thoughts and attitudes by understanding him or her very deeply.
According to Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, being empathetic means you're aware of someone's emotions from their perspective; you feel what they feel. Although it's important to be empathetic in every personal connection you have, but when it’s the matter of your marriage, enhancing your empathic ability is very important to maintain a long-lasting romantic bond.  When we look at the world from our partner’s point of view, we begin to bridge the gap of understanding between us. Counsellor Shivani also warns that in most relationships with time, partners tend to stop practicing empathy and that silently kills the bond, joy and happiness that two partner potentially can enjoy even after decades of staying together and bringing up children.
The major reasons, why partners stop being empathic in relationship ar…

Do You Know Your Attachment Style that governs your Relationship

Do you know every relationship we hold in our life is governed by our attachment style and it’s our style of attachment (security, anxiety, dismissive etc) that affects everything from our partner selection to how well our relationships progress or how they end? That is why recognizing our attachment pattern can help us understand our strengths and vulnerabilities in a relationship. 
For example, the person with a working model of anxious/preoccupied attachment style feels that in order to get close to someone and have your needs met; you need to be with your partner all the time and get reassurances. To support this perception of reality, they choose someone who is isolated and hard to connect with. Similarly, when there is a secure attachment pattern, a person is confident and self-possessed and is able to easily interact with others, meeting their own and another’s needs as well .
Marriage Counsellor and Relationship Expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares the different style of attachmen…

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo advises on how to build effective time managerment in today's fast lifestyle in MiceTalk October's Issue

Don't Run against the Clock Deadline pressure, competition, long commuting hours, anxiety, less time with family, are some of the common evils that are creating endless physical and psychological troubles in today's society----by Marriage Counsellor & Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her expert comment in today's Times of India

Extramarital affairs more volatile than marriage - Today's Times of India Article

Secret Dating Hacks that Leads to Love and Happiness

As a relationship and marriage Counselor, I have often found couples who missed to start their relationship with a mindful dating and that leads to shorting of their relationship, says Shivani Misri Sadhoo.
She says the way we approach dating determines the kind of love we find. And the quality of the love we find determines the very quality of our lives. In other words, a mindful dating can lead us more quickly to real love; it also leads us to live richer, more fulfilling relationships.
Counsellor Shivani says, the search for healthy love is not about tricks, gimmicks, or quick fixes. Our search for love deserves our deepest respect, compassion, and intelligence. The more we approach our dating life as an intimate journey, the greater are our chances of finding someone truly wonderful, and of keeping that relationship alive.  Today Counsellor Shivani shares some important hacks to improve your dating skills.
1. Be true to yourself: remember there is no greater feeling than being in true…

Here Are Some Effective Tips to Make the Perfect Impression in this Diwali Party

This Diwali when you attend the party, make sure that it’s not only your dress but your personality to make an impression in the minds of your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Psychologist and Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, shares some important personality tips of making an effective impression in a party.
·Be yourself Personality of every individual is unique and varies from person to person. A lot of times people tend to copy the personality and behaviour of famous people or of the people who inspired or impressed them in the past.
Remember you cannot acquire a personality; you can only develop the personality that you already have. For example, if you are a short tempered person you can control that over time, but you cannot change and become a very calm person, at least not overnight . So do not try to acquire a fake personality. Try to develop the personality that you already have. Brush up the skills and make your personality more pleasing. This will help yo…

Use This Simple Trick to Transform Conflict into Connection

Friction and annoyances are inevitable in every relationship. There are differences between partner’s opinions, personalities, hopes, and expectations. This is true for every couple, even for the happiest ones.
In fact, you may be surprised to learn that happy couples have just as many differences and circumstantial hardships as unhappy couples, yet they are thriving anyway. Why? One thing that happy couples often have that struggling couples don’t, is humour.
If laughter is lacking in your relationship, you are missing out on a potentially great part of your relationship, suggests marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo. She says humour is no rocket science and we all are blessed with some level of humour that we can express and enjoy in our life – all it takes to express our funny bones is NOT TO TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. Today she shares some important rules on how to bring humour in marriage and to transform conflicts into connections.

1.) Don’t take yourself too seriously
A lot …

How To Hack Success with Good Body Language?

Throughout the day people around us observe the way we move our eyes, shake our hands, the way we walk, upheld our head and this information , consciously and unconsciously helps them to discover a part of our personality , especially at the workplace. 
Psychologist and Relationship Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares that body language is one of the vital factors that determine a person’s success both in professional and personal life. Today she shares some vital points;
1. Always try to keep your posture relaxed: Remember to stand up straight, but don’t tighten up so much that you look rigid and nervous. If you’re a natural sloucher, make sure to check your posture sporadically and straighten up as needed. A hunched back can make you look unsure of yourself, or even if you feel the other person doesn’t care too much about the situation. Standing or sitting up straight and tall can not only make you appear more confident, but it can actually make you feel more confident as well!

2. M…

Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo's expect comment on Hindustan Times Article

Relationship counselling: Before a gap turns into a gulf
Vijeta (29)* and Vishal (27)* married nearly four months ago after dating for more than two years. They call themselves a happy couple, but it took a great deal of effort for them to get there. Almost one year into the relationship, they had trouble bonding. Each carried the baggage of past relationships and though they were committed to getting married, it was hard to accommodate the other’s history. “We wanted to improve our relationship and decided to meet a counsellor,” says Vijeta, a marketing professional. The sessions were held once a week and lasted for nearly an hour. The couple was given questionnaires designed to reflect their personality and thoughts. The replies helped the counsellor understand their individual strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions accordingly. It helped a great deal, they say. “We could understand ourselves and our insecurities. Once I realised that I was jealous because she was still in t…

Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Married

When it comes to marriage don’t rush to the decision nor do just keep nodding your head with a smile to your future spouse and in-laws, says marriage counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo.  She says it’s very important that both the girl and the boy MUST ask  right questions before getting married. 
Psychologist and relationship expert Shivani also says that due to shyness, lack of interest or a desire to preserve romantic mystery; many couples do not ask each other the difficult questions that can help build a strong foundation for a stable marriage .
Hence if you don’t deal with an issue before marriage, you deal with it while you’re married, it can be hard to keep secrets decades after decades, and reticence before the wedding can lead to disappointments down the line. The following questions, intimate and sometimes awkward, are designed to spark honest discussions and possibly give couples a chance to spill secrets before it’s too late.

1. Did your family fight or calmly discuss issues or s…