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Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her thought for an exclusive feature on Hindustan Times

Got dumped? Here are 5 ways to deal with rejection
Rejection in relationships tends to be an awkward situation for the person who gets to hear a no. There are probably two situations where a person has to deal with rejection. First one is when you ask someone out for the first time and you get turned down. And the second one is when you are already in a stable relationship and out of nowhere your partner drops the bomb, “No, this is not working out anymore”. The problem with rejection is that if not dealt properly in a positive and mature manner, it can send us into a landslide of self-doubt and can turn your nights into an endless marathon of eating ice cream in self-pity and watching re-runs of your favourite romantic movies. So, with the help of experts here a few tips which help to rebound from rejection like a boss. 1) Don’t force the issue mate This applies for all the singletons who get used to hearing no when they ask someone out. Remember you can’t force people to go out with …

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her thought for an exclusive feature on Times of India

As part of my upbringing, I grew up believing that Mahabharata had answers to all the complications related to life and relationships. Intrigued with the concept of open marriage while reading a celebrity scoop, I felt like delving deeper and naturally referred to the epic saga - Mahabharata.

Draupadi with her five husbands and an entire epic revolving around her, stirs varied imaginations. How did she handle the physical relationship with five husbands? Were the brothers not jealous of each other? Did Draupadi have a favourite among them and most importantly, how did she handle the emotional and physical dynamics associated with it ? It surely doesn't sound simple.

Were our ancestors much more open-minded than we are or was Draupadi a victim of circumstances? An open marriage often puts the sanctity of a husband-wife relationship under scrutiny.

When Nena O'Neill and George O'Neill first wrote about the concept of an open …

4 Important Tips to Maintain Positive Attitude

Maintaining your positive attitude is critical when you want to achieve anything in life, be it professional or personal. If you don’t maintain a positive attitude, it's very likely that you may end up being deprived of good friends, life partner and professional opportunities that you deserve. Today Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares important tips to maintain a positive attitude in life or just to improve the quality of your life. 
1.  Make sure you set your life goals.
Having a goal, and moving towards it, is a key to happiness. You have to realize that achieving the goal is not what should make you happy – it must be the continuous process. When I write articles I simply do it because I enjoy it, even though sometimes it gets boring.
2.  Remember your language shapes your thoughts
Little changes in your language can change the way you think and how you act. If someone asks you how are you? try to answer with positive statements like “great,” “fantastic,” or “amazing.” Not on…

Secrets of keeping the romance alive after having kids.

Think of all the couples you know that have kids.  Now think of those couples who are still madly in love!  The ones that still act like newlyweds even though they have one or couple of little ones in tow. What are they doing differently?  What’s their secret?  Marriage Counsellorand Relationship Expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some important tips to keep the romance alive after having kids.

Finding the Time for a Date Night
One thing all successful couples do after having kids is finding time for a date night. No matter how much struggle and fight they have to put, but happy and romantic couples make sure they get time to spend quality with time together. During a date night, the couples spend an evening or night watching a romantic movie or reading a romantic book together that they both love. They light the room romantically with essence candles and preparing a lovely dinner.
Now the question is how to find time for a date night, here are some tips:- a. Circle in your calendars the …

How Not to Let Bad & Negative Behaviour People Rule Out Your Peace of Mind

There is no dearth of people out there who operate with other people with negative and bad behaviour. You may find them within your family, neighbour, workplace, associates and friends too. When you have to deal with the negative behaviour of the people every day or you when you cannot avoid them, then they will possibly make your life miserable. Today Psychologist & Relationship Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares some important tips to deal with people's unpleasant behaviour effectively. Psychologist Sadhoo shares that when someone exhibits destructive, mean or otherwise non-caring behaviour, they are usually acting out from something going on with them, not with you. They may say it is about you – “Oh, you make me SO mad!” – but the reality is that people who manifest these negative behaviours are showing an outward display of inward pain or hurt. It is true that it is not easy to remember that the other person is in pain when he/she is yelling at you, trying to undermine …

Is it Necessary To Tell Your Partner Everything?

According to the dictionary, a secret is “something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others”. When the secrets are related to life and sharing with our life partner, then the definition mentioned in the dictionary may work if you plan to live alone for the rest of your life. However if you want your bonding & romance to be strong enough to last a lifetime then remember - communicating fully and openly, without withholding, is a key to a successful relationship.
That means you will eventually have to unfold your mask and reveal your secrets—things about yourself and your past that you may have hidden away for many reasons. Though revealing secrets are the right path for nurturing a healthy relationship but revealing secrets often marks a deepening of your relationship. Relationship expert and marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo, shares some useful tips for getting to the other side stronger than ever:
Don’t mistake secrets with unfiltered thoughts:
Many times …

When Your Colleague Becomes Your Boss

Many amongst us have faced or witnessed a situation where your office colleague and friend, suddenly was declared your new boss.
Definitely, it’s an awkward situation for most of us. Since you suddenly need to behave & communicate formally with a person, whom you have considered your friend and possibly shared your personal & professional problems or you have directed and guided him or her as big brother. So how can you tackle such situation effectively if it happened in your life? Here are some tips on the latest editions of the MiceTalk.

Behaviours That Ruin A Relationship

Do you know it’s surprisingly easy to ruin a perfectly good relationship? People may not be aware they are doing it or might be spending their days thinking they are doing everything right for their relationships. Until one day without notice things start getting bad by frequent arguments, silent treatments, fight, then distancing…
Marriage Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares certain common behaviour that partners should check within themselves, as they can ruin a relationship. 
1. Avoid angry reactions to your partner's feedback
Communication is the key to relationship bonding. However, with time partners tend to take communication between them for granted. By granted means; if their partner places a suggestion or an advice , they react angrily or they send intimidating overreactions or feedbacks that shut their partner down. So the shutdown partner again tries much harder, this time, to be listened and a cycle starts that gradually destroys communication between partners.
So don’…

How to Cultivate Positivity Thinking Habit with 4 Simple steps?

The benefits of positive emotions don’t stop after a few minutes of good feelings subside. The biggest benefit that positive emotions provide is an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life. In fact, Research shows that people with positive thoughts have stronger resistance to illness, better coping skills during tough times, reduced risk of coronary artery diseases, and less stress. Positive thinking isn't always a natural ability, but you can build it over time. Learn how to develop the strength of thinking positively and open up a whole new outlook on life. Today Psychologist Shivani MisriSadhoo shares 4 simple tips that can help you to improve your positive thinking pattern. 1.  Practice meditation –meditation can develop brain’s positive thinking capabilities by many folds. A recent psychological study has shown that mindfulness meditation coupled with yoga in a group of breast cancer patients led to positive changes in the patients' DNA …