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Counselor Shivan Sadhoo Shares Insight on Killer Conversations that can Harm Relationship with Hindustan Times

Relationship Expert and Marriage Counselor Shivan Misri Sadhoo Shares Insight on Killer Conversations that can Harm Relationship with Hindustan Times 

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Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her Insight on Threats of Honey Traps in Social Media Dating with Navbharat Times Newspaper

Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her insight on Threats of Honey Traps in Social Media Dating with Navbharat Times Newspaper

5 Ways To Show That You Care For Your Spouse

An essential element of a blissful and happy marital life, involves your spouse appreciating your efforts, you put to care for him/her. Yes! many times the care is there but spouses are not mature enough to recognize and appreciate it.

However, most commonly in today's society, couples get so engrossed in their daily life tussles that they often forget to pay attention to minor things at home and showing that they care for their partner is one of those things.

In this article, Delhi's eminent marriage counselor and relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo reveal 5 ways to express that you care for your spouse, in your day to day life.

1. Show Appreciation For Your Spouse:
Many times when couples realize that they have stopped appreciating each other, they still continue to ignore because they tell themselves - it's my spouse who is ignoring me, he/she is at wrong. 
Remember you should not expect your spouse to believe you care about them if you do not show your appreciation …

5 Life Changing Psychological Tricks To Make You Confident

Self-confidence as per definition is the feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. Self-confident people don't doubt themselves. Self-confidence is influenced by various factors like upbringing, work environment, work experience and, levels of dedication towards pursuing a cause.
High self-confidence level is extremely important to sustain a progressive professional life and happy balanced personal life.
BUT not everyone has the same upbringing, good academic success, long work experience, a healthy work culture, AND not everyone has a good confidence level. So what under-confident people should do?
Under-confident people should work on building their confidence level by improving their mindset, believing in themselves, improving their dedication for work and family, improving their communication etc.
However, there are several psychological tricks that will make you confident if you apply them. Today, the eminent psychologist, relationship expert and marriage …

How to Use Anxiety to Your Advantage?

Even though anxiety is regarded as a negative phenomenon, but there are situations where our anxiety can be used with an advantage. Thinking about anxiety as an obstacle pushes us further away from its solution, whereas thinking about it as a weapon allows us to use it to our advantage. Neurologically, anxiety is a strong signal that helps regulate attention and motivation to look after the things you concern about most in life. Anxiety proves you care; you honestly can’t care about things without feeling anxiety time and again. However, it does not mean anxiety is enjoyable. But not every anxiety is severe, and a mild amount of anxiety is the sweet spot when it comes to using anxiety to your advantage. Eminent psychologist and marriage counselor Shivani MisriSadhoo reveals 5 ways which state How to use anxiety to your advantage? Here they are.
1.Anxiety Is Rooted Inside You Can Use It To Protect Yourself: Fear is devised to keep you safe from danger. Anxiety is a form of that vital and fu…